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BARROCA is concerned with customer satisfaction, so it offers quality products and follows the rules of the Consumer Protection Code respecting their rights. Therefore, we accept exchange or return of unused products within 7 calendar days, after receipt of purchase, without any additional cost, according to the rules below:


1. Request for exchange or return


To request the exchange and / or return of your product, please contact us through our “Contact us” page or through the email stating your data and the reason for the exchange and / or return .

Barroca will send an email confirming receipt of your contact. Upon receipt of the confirmation, the goods must be returned through the post office.


1.1. Product conditions for exchange or return


Upon arrival at Barroca, the product will undergo a quality analysis that will be done within 7 (seven) working days from the receipt of the same. The exchange of the product or the cancellation of the order and consequent refund of the amount paid, will only be released after approval by our Quality Control who must verify that the product:

1.1.1. Be unused;

1.1.2. Be in the original packaging and that it is in perfect condition;

1.1.3. Be accompanied by the labels, manuals and other accessories that compose it;

1.1.4. Do not contain any signs of damage due to misuse.


If any discrepancy or violation of the product is identified, we will not accept the return and will return the product to the sender without prior notice.


Note: Whenever there are defects, breakdowns, broken packages, etc., please send photos together with your contact email.


1.2 Refund of amounts


The refund of the amount paid will only be made after analyzing the product, according to the criteria listed above (item 1.1.).

If payment has been made by credit card, the debit will be reversed. If the amount has already been charged, the installments will be refunded (this procedure can occur in up to 02 (two) subsequent invoices, depending on the card's expiration date). We remind you that this procedure is the responsibility of the card administrator.

In case the payment has been made by means of a bank slip or debit card, the credit will be made in the current account of the order holder within 10 (ten) business days, contacts from the date of completion of the return process. merchandise. If the order holder does not have a bank account, we will issue a Payment Order, as the refund will not be made to a third party account.

For purchases of digital products, the refund request can be made within 7 days


1.2.1 Promotions


For products purchased on promotion, if exchange and / or return is required, the amount considered will be the one paid for the product and not its original value.

Example: If you purchased an item on sale for R $ 100.00 but its original value was R $ 130.00, the amount considered will be R $ 100.00.


1.3. Deadlines


1.3.1. Repentance of purchase

Because it is a handmade product and made to order, we do not exchange or return it.

In case of purchase of digital courses and digital e-books, the refund request can be made within 7 days


1.3.2. Delivery error, product or packaging damaged

If you have received your product with any discrepancy, such as, open or damaged packaging, lack of accessories or product in disagreement with what you purchased, please notify us immediately through our “Contact us” page or via email contact @ barrocaatelie informing what happened.

1.3.3 Product at odds with the order

If you receive a product that differs from what was ordered, you must refuse delivery of the product or, if the error is found after receipt, immediately notify our call center through our “Contact us” page or through e -mail informing what happened.

1.3.4 Defective product

We ask that, upon receipt of the product, you make sure of its conditions. In case of any defect, the replacement will be made by another product of the same species. Defective product unused

If you received your product with an alleged failure or defect, please notify us immediately. You have up to 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product to request an exchange or return (see items 1.1. And 1.2.). Defective product after use

The products sold by Barroca have a legal guarantee. If after using the product you identify any type of failure or defect, you must contact our Relationship Center through our “Contact us” page or through the email informing what happened (see items 1.1 and 1.2).


1.4 Delivery cancellation


BARROCA reserves the right to cancel purchases in exceptional cases such as:

  • Non-approval of purchase;

  • Failure to pay the bank slip. If the ticket is not paid by the due date, the purchase will be automatically canceled. If you want you can redo your order with a new payment date, if the product is still in stock.

Diverging data or missing data. If the data provided by the customer is not confirmed, the customer will receive a notice via e-mail and may contact you to provide new data or even change the data already sent. If the customer does not return the contact and confirms the information, the purchase will be canceled.

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

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